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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Colloidal Silver, The Silver Pulser & Magnetic Pulser, The Bio-Tuner, The Water Ozonator, The Zapper

COLLOIDAL SILVER (Silver Pulser & Silver Maker):

What type of salt should I use, and what is the difference between Ionic/Colloidal Silver made with and without salt?

We recommend the hot water method over the salt-method as the particle size remains smaller. A smaller particle size is considered safer for longer-term use. The cloudy colour, when using the salt method is silver chloride this results in larger particles. Use Celtic Salt if you use the salt method. This is a natural salt not subjected to heat. It is the only type of salt we use as it has all the natural trace elements. Table salt is chemically treated & sea salt has been processed as well. Making colloidal silver without salt is suggested superior as the particle size is smaller. Using the salt method is suggested as a handy back-up method when travelling or rushed. There is controversy over using the salt method due to the possible toxicity of long-term ingestion of the silver chloride that is formed.

Why does the white light (ZBB2) or the red light (ZBB3 or ZBB4) come on brightly when I make ionic/colloidal silver?

There are three reasons that can cause the white/red light to shine brightly:

1) If the wires touch.
2) If there are too many impurities in the water. (If the white light remains dim, however, there is no problem.)
3) If you don't stir occasionally, the colloidal silver may concentrate in one area increasing the current close to the wires. This might make the light shine brightly.

What type of container should I use to make ionic/colloidal silver?

A drinking glass or a glass jar that will hold 2 cups of water and is tall enough to cover 75% of the wires.

Why is it necessary to boil the distilled water to make ionic/colloidal silver?

There are two ways to increase the conductivity of water so the colloidal silver can be made more quickly. One is using salt; the other is heat. The reason the procedure specifies "bring to the boil" is to give a standard of heat to ensure the results will be uniform. The heat method produces a more effective colloidal silver as the particle size is smaller.

Do I have to use distilled water to make ionic/colloidal silver?

We recommend distilled water, because it is the "emptiest" water. It has very little contaminants and minerals. Silver loves to bind to other substances, so that is why we recommend using distilled water. You can use other water as long as the red or white light does not come on brightly. If the color is darker than pale yellow it means it has too many impurities and should be discarded.

What type of container do I need to boil the water for making ionic/colloidal silver?

A non-metal cooking utensil or a stove top coffee perculator with a wire on the burner works great. A pyrex measuring cup is not recommended for stove top use as it may explode.

Why does the color and taste of ionic/colloidal silver change from batch to batch?

Distilled water not only varies from one part of the country to another, but bottles of water from the same company can vary. Water, therefore, is the big variable when making ionic/colloidal silver. If you're uncertain of the PPM you're producing, it's best to run the unit until the water turns a pale yellow. You can then cut the time by a few minutes and you should have approximately 5 ppm. You may have to do this test a few times each year to determine how long it's taking for the water to turn color.

What purity of silver wire should be used?

The silver wires we use are .9999 pure. This is the best that is readily available. We order our silver directly from the refinery in large quantities. The refinery we use is Handy & Harmon. They can be reached at 1-800-24-carat. This Four 9 grade of silver is the best that is readily available.

NOTE: Many companies incorrectly refer to silver wire purity. Three 9 silver or .999 silver is the mathematical equivalent of 99.9%. Three 9 silver is the minimum grade for colloidal silver production. The next step up in grade is Four 9 silver or .9999, which is mathematically equivalent to 99.99%. The highest grade of silver that man can make commercially is Five 9 silver or .99999, which is mathematically equivalent to 99.999%. (Five 9 silver is an incredibly difficult purity to manufacture, and requires extremely precise manufacturing methods and very costly equipment. Expect to pay 5-10 times more for this ultra-pure silver; if indeed you can even find it.) The error you will come across is manufacturers stating that their silver is Three 9 silver and refer to it as being 99.999%. This is wrong and misleading. SOTA has always used and sold Four 9 (.9999) pure fine silver. We have the assay test on file to prove this fact. Ask for this document from your silver supplier, as any reputable company would have a copy of this in their records.

What color should colloidal silver be?

When ionic/colloidal silver is made without salt, it should be clear in the 3 to 5 ppm range. It will turn a light yellow color when the ppm is between 6 to 10 ppm.

Is a higher ppm better?

Not necessarily. Present research shows that from 3-5 ppm is both safe and effective. A higher ppm may mean the particle size is also higher. A higher particle size may be less effective.

Is the friendly bacteria neutralized as well?

The colloidal silver should be mostly absorbed before reaching the large intestine-especially if held under the tongue for absorption. As a precaution, however, we use an acidophilus supplement from time to time.

Is it okay to heat the water in the Microwave?

A Microwave is known to alter molecules so we do not recommend using a microwave.

How do I make more than 2 cups?

The procedure with 2 cups has been tested to produce 3-5 ppm with a variety of distilled waters. If you want to make more, we suggest you repeat the basic recipe to make more than one batch. If you want to make several cups at a time, you could time the unit until the batch turns a light yellow. For the next batch cut back the time by about 5 minutes so the colloid is still clear and you should have approximately 5 ppm. When making larger quantities it is important to stir the water and clean the wires occasionally.

Do the wires need cleaning each time I make colloidal silver?

Yes, the wires need to be cleaned each time you make colloidal silver.

Why do the silver wires turn black when making colloidal silver?

In the electrolysis process, water splits into hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen comes off the positive (+) electrode and interacts with silver ions which in turn creates silver oxide and oxygen. The blackening is silver oxide.

Can I use tap water?

This is not recommended. The cloudiness that occurs is because of the silver reacting with the chlorine in the water creating silver chloride. The salt method also produces a gray cloud. The boiling method produces a clear or light golden colloidal silver.


Are the units licensed by the Government?

Yes! To date we have received Goverment Licencing from Health Canada (Canadian Health Authority) for the following products:
1) Silver Pulser,
2) Magnetic Pulser,
3) Bio-Tuner.

These three units are now licenced as Class II Medical Devices, allowing purchase without a Doctor's prescription. The Silver Maker is exempt from licencing. Our intent is to continue to make steps to get government licensing for all our units.

Why does your Silver Pulser unit only use one 9 Volt battery? I thought 27 Volts was needed?

Our Silver Pulser has a unique design. It incorporates a proprietary DC-DC switching power supply which takes the 9 Volts from the battery and steps it up to 27 (or 33) Volts. The 27 (or 33) Volt output is a constant voltage output , not just merely trippled. The output remains at 27 (or 33) Volts even as the battery drains down. This also allows the unit to be optionally powered by a Wall Transformer (Adaptor), 12 Volt DC Automobile Battery, Solar Panel, etc.

Can the Silver Pulserunit operate off a Solar Panel?

Yes. Tests are being carried out on solar panels that can properly power the Silver Pulser (as well as the Silver Maker, Zapper, Bio-Tuner, Water Ozonator, even the Magnetic Pulser, ). Keep in mind that solar panels are better used to recharge the batteries that can then be used to power the units.

Does your Magnetic Pulser show which side the Magnetic North (or South-Seeking) pole is?

Yes. All our Magnetic Pulsers have either the North pole clearly marked, or on previous models North is always on the flat face of the coil - the side normally used against the body. North is to be described as South-Seeking.

Some people claim that higher frequencies than the current 3.92 Hz is more effective, or that non-square waves are more desirable. What's the scoop?

This is our opinion on  the subject: There may be validity in using different frequencies or even outputting non-square waves. However, we know absolutely that the 3.92 Hz and square-wave (1/2 earth frequency of 7.83 Hz) output does work, and that it is very effective. More detailed research must be carried out before altering the protocol. This is an open field for research and scientific study. It is very easy to alter the frequency and/or output waveform. The altering of the output may actually remove the very mechanism by which this protocol works. We suggest adhering to the present "tried and tested "protocol until new evidence surfaces suggesting an alternative.

How can I check to see if the Silver Pulser is working?

To test the battery and the operation of the silver wires, touch the wires together briefly. The red light (ZBB3 & ZBB4) will come on. To test the stimulator probe, touch the bare electrodes to your tongue about 1" apart. Turn the unit just on - you don't want to make it uncomfortable! You should feel a tingling sensation.

What is electroporation?

It isn't electroporation, but we started getting some feedback from people that substances they were consuming seemed to be magnified. For this reason, it is best not to consume caffeine, alcohol, recreational drugs or any substance that is potentially toxic.

What can I take or not take in the way of supplements because of this magnification?

We use a common sense rule to stay away from synthetic concentrated substances, or drugs, in tablet form that could be toxic if multiplied. It is wise to eat foods that boost our immune system and our health and avoid sugar and flour foods as well as processed foods with additives. Here are some of the supplements we've been using: Green drinks, enzymes, vitamin C, minerals in electrolytic form (liquid) or other natural forms and acidophilus. Supplements are necessary but we take them in natural form.

What type of salt should I use to wet the stimulator probes?

A regular sea salt solution can be used to keep the cotton sleeves wet. For sensitive people, you can wet the stimulator probes with a saline solution for the eyes-available at stores. Keep the salt solution dilute (1/8 tsp. To 2oz water) It's a good idea to rinse the sleeves occasionally so the salt doesn't build up and become an irritant.

What can I do to reduce irritation?

In addition to the suggestions above, it is best to wash the area well after each session and use a high quality vitamin E oil or healing lotion such as MSM after each session. If you are particularly sensitive to electricity, you may not need to use any salt--just add water. If you don't feel the pulsing, then you know you need to add a little salt solution.

What is the difference between the Silver Pulser and the Magnetic Pulser?

The Silver Pulser has two attachments: one is to make ionic/colloidal silver and the other is for bio-stimulation. The Magnetic Pulser is designed to work with specific sites.

What time of day should I use the Pulsers? Should I use them before or after a meal?

We have no documentation to indicate a preferable time for use of the pulsers. Fit their use to your schedule.

What studies are there to prove the effectiveness of the units?

To-date, none. Most health studies are funded by the pharmaceutical industry. There is no pool of funding for research on alternative therapies. We are collecting a body of knowledge based on case histories from health practitioners, live-blood cell analysis, kinesiology and customer feedback, but this is considered unscientific evidence. We are currently investigating all possibilities to do studies but have been unable to find a reputable organization to do them affordably.

Why do the red and green lights go off when the stimulator probes are plugged in?

This is a battery-saving feature. The red and green lights flash on and off when making colloidal silver but to save on batteries, they do not flash when the stimulator probes are plugged in. It's best to use a wall adapter when making colloidal silver to save on batteries.

Can I use the Silver Pulser and the Magnetic Pulser at the same time?


Is it necessary to use the Silver Pulser for 21 days?

We suggest a minimum of 4-12 weeks to start.

How long should a 9-volt alkaline battery last?

Please ensure you are using an alkaline battery. For 2 hours daily of pulsing, a battery lasts for approximately one week. We recommend a wall adaptor (6-12 volts, min. of 300 milliamps with center positive) for making ionic/colloidal silver to save on batteries.

Do I need to remove the battery when using a wall adaptor?

There is no need to remove the battery. The battery will automatically be bypassed when the wall adaptor is plugged in.


Are the units licensed by the Government?

Yes! To date we have received Goverment Licencing from Health Canada (Canadian Health Authority) for the following products: 1) Silver Pulser, 2) Magnetic Pulser, 3) Bio-Tuner. These three units are now licenced as Class II Medical Devices, allowing purchase without a Doctor's prescription. The Silver Maker is exempt from licencing. Our intent is to continue to make steps to get government licensing for all our units.

How often can I use the Bio-Tuner and for how long?

It is recommended the units be used once a day for 20 to 30 minutes for 30 consecutive days. Don't exceed 40 minutes per day and don't exceed 30 days at a time.

How accurate should the placement of the electrodes be?

Effectiveness will still be maintained between a half and three-quarters of an inch because the current is diffused.

Do I have to worry about magnification like the Silver Pulser?


Can I use it with other units?


I can feel it on one side more than the other and sometimes I can't feel one side at all.

Most people do feel the stimulus on one side more than the other. This is normal.

After a while, I don't feel it as much.

You build up a tolerance so it is necessary to turn it higher.

It stings when I turn the unit on.

The sensation should not be unpleasant. The natural oil on your skin will react with the current to produce a stinging sensation. Clean the area, possibly with a swab of alcohol. Also ensure there is sufficient conductive gel on the electrodes.


What type of water should I use to ozonate?

For quicker saturation with ozone for drinking we recommend cold, purified (filtered) water. Distilled water can also be used. Please note: Cold or ice water saturates with ozone to a greater degree than warm water. The WOZ3 meets minimum requirements for water sterilization and is meant to be used for small quantities of water.

What is the difference between Colloidal Silver and Ozonized Water?

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic as it inhibits the growth of pathogens. If enough ozone is added to the water pathogens are killed as well. The purpose, however, of the Water Ozonator is to add ozone (and therefore oxygen) to the water to increase the amount of bio-available oxygen.

What does the mg/hr rating mean on the Water Ozonater?

Ozone Output: The WOZ3 is rated at a true 108mg/hr. There are two methods in use to rate ozone output. The most accurate measure is ozone-in-air. SOTA's unit was tested using a GM Anceros ozone-in-air analyzer. Most manufacturers use a chemical titration method that gives an incorrectly high rating. Using this method, the WOZ3 is rated at over 200 mg/hr. Ozone concentration is maximum 2.1 Gamma (mg/l) at 0.5 LPM flow rate.

Can I use pure oxygen with the Water Ozonator?

No. For pure oxygen use a more expensive unit made for medical purposes.

I can't smell the ozone anymore, why?

We do become accustomed to the smell, but if you'd like to make sure your unit is working correctly you can do two checks: When the unit is turned on the green light at the front of the unit should be on. To check if the pump is working make sure there are bubbles coming out of the airstone. If there are no bubbles or the green light is not on, then the unit is not working. Unplug the unit and send it in for repair.

Is Ozone Safe?

Drinking ozonated water is entirely safe. Ozone is oxygen with a third molecule of oxygen making 03. It immediately looks for a contaminant to release one of the oxygen molecules. Research shows the unstable electron of ozone blasts a hole through the membrane of viruses, bacteria, yeast, and abnormal tissue cells thereby destroying them. It has been suggested that ozone creates free radicals. The culprit in creating free radicals is toxins as produced by processed foods, stress and environmental contaminants.

Medically administered ozone is the only way to get possibly toxic amounts of ozone. It is infused directly into the blood or body. In that case the health practitioner has to know that the ozone does not exceed the amount the protecting oxidative enzymes can handle. Even higher amounts can be given if the person has enough of the protective nutrients such as vitamin E and vitamin C. For colonics and insuflation a unit designed to use medical grade ozone must be used.


When I measure the output of The Zapper with my DC Volt Meter it reads around 4 to 4.5 Volts. I thought the output is supposed to be 9 Volts?

This is a common (and good) question. First, the output of our Zapper is an AC Squarewave. Trying to measure AC with a DC Meter gives strange results. First, the frequency causes the output voltage to change from zero to 9 Volts 30,000 times a second (30 kHz)! This is not a DC output, it's an AC output. Second, and most important is the 50% Duty Cycle of the output. The average output voltage would be 50% of the peak. Thus 50% of 9 Volts peak is...4.5 Volts! When you put a DC Volt Meter on the output expect to read around 4.5 Volts DC. If you were to use an AC Volt Meter, expect to see about 7-8 Volts DC due to the limited bandwidth of the voltmeter (it probably doesn't respond to 30 kHz).
The only definitive method of measuring the output is on an oscilloscope. This is how we test ALL our Zappers before they ship. On the 'scope you can clearly see the peak-peak voltage, the 50% duty cycle, and the 30 kHz squarewave.

Why doesn't The Zapper have the option to work off a wall adapter?

Several reasons: 1) The specifications do not call for it. 2) The battery lasts for months, so there really is no need to offer this. 3) There would have to be conditioning circuitry in the unit to smooth out any of the 60 Hz line frequency so it would not interfere with the pure 30 kHz output. This is VERY important! The cost of the Zapper would go up as a result. 4) Liability issues.

Some other Zapper manufacturers alter the output waveform, frequency, and voltage. Is this more effective?

It would be easy for us to alter the Zapper's output. Until evidence surfaces indicating differently, we have decided to continue manufacturing the Zapper per the original specifications. Keep in mind, this is an area of research and the altered waveforms may indeed be effective. 

What is the difference between The Zapper and the Silver Pulser & Magnetic Pulser?

The Zapper operates on a different technology than the Silver Pulser and/or Magnetic Pulser units.

The Zapper is based on frequency. The Zapper is meant as a maintenance unit along with a herbal program.

The Silver Pulser and/or Magnetic Pulser technology are based on microcurrents of electricity (Silver Pulser) and a variant magnetic field (Magnetic Pulser).

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