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Elektromedizin - Zapper, EMEM, Rife, Beck, Lakhovsky..
Elektromedizin: welche Geräte gibt es. Welches System kann was?
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All information presented here is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. You should get your doctor's consent prior to trying out anything that you read that is health-related. You should get an engineer's opinion and/or help prior to building any of the devices.

TABLE OF CONTENTS My father's mother died of breast cancer. My father's father died of liver cancer. My family thinks that my mother's father had cancer when his series of heart attacks killed him. My mother had cancer (it has been in remission now for >10 years). My sister-in-law has breast cancer (she's using conventional means to try and treat it).

For obvious reasons, I have been looking into both conventional treatments and alternative treatments for various health problems, including cancer.

There is a lot of information available on the conventional treatments of cancer, much of it put out by the cancer industry. I have a couple of books on the subject of conventional treatments of cancer, that were *not* put out by the cancer industry, that I recommend to people: These two books are interesting to read, and are full of references, allowing you (and me!) to verify the claims that the author makes on how uneffective the conventional cancer treatments can be, and how, for many doctors, and many medical organizations, money often has a higher priority than the health and longevity of their patients/clients.

Since there are so many sources of information on conventional medicine, I've concentrated my efforts on unconventional/alternative medicine. My main focus has been making and trying out alternative medicine devices to see if they work. I also have been investigating herbal methods of combating various health problems.

At this point I should mention that I have no formal training in the area of health. I am self-taught. I am a computer software developer by trade.

I am interested in talking with people who (will make, are making, have made, are using, are interested in trying out) any of the devices that I talk about on my web-site.

I have made a couple of 'Hulda Clark'-style zappers: a basic zapper, and a basic zapper with a low battery LED. I experimented on myself with these zappers to see what would happen, and I observed some repeatable results with dandruff. I have talked with people who have relatives that have used a zapper as part of a successful alternative treatment regime for cancer, but that regime requires a lot of dedication and time (and herbs). I know that my family members would never undergo such a regime. I was in the process of making an EMEM device, but after seeing results with a Bare-Rife device, I didn't see the point in spending the time to complete an EMEM device. I have made an EMEM2 device. This device is designed by the same guy who designed the EMEM device. It is fairly inexpensive (cheapest model costs around $100-$150 US for parts). It is reported to be quite effective for pain-relief, dealing with yeast infections, Lyme disease, parasite infestations. It is also reported to speed healing and help decrease the insulin requirements of some diabetic people. The guy who designed the EMEM2 has been shown some really gruesome parasites that have come out of people using an EMEM2 device. I have made a Bare-Rife device. I have had some people try experimenting on themselves and their pets with my Bare-Rife device. I have seen cancer tumor reduction in a cat with this device. I have seen various (non-life-threatening) conditions get cleared up with this device.

"The Cancer Cure That Worked" AKA "The Rife Report" by Barry Lynes gives a good history of Rife's technology and Rife's experiences trying to get this technology out in the world. A shorter history of this technology can be found in the 1973 John Crane US Patent application (just skip all the text on polution control applications).

With my own eyes I have seen a cat, with cancer - adenosarcoma of the breast, have a tumor shrink to one *third* of its original size in about a week. This occurred with Bare-Rife device sessions every 3 days. I was amazed. I had read of people experiencing good results from Bare-Rife device sessions. I had talked to people on the phone that have experienced good results from Bare-Rife device sessions. However neither reading about nor hearing of other people's results had the impact of actually *seeing* this kind of result.

There are a number of lists that give frequencies that are supposed to help with various health problems. Click here to see a copy of the list that was compiled by L. K. Pope in 1991.

Here are some links to Bare-Rife relevant web-sites: Here are reports on sessions with my Bare-Rife device: Here are some photo's of the cat taken before the sessions.

Here is a summary of the sessions that included the cat with breast cancer and her owner: The cat's owner contacted me in November 1997, about three months after her last session, to let me know that "[cat] is well. The tumor seems to be arrested about where it was after the last session".

Click here to see photos of the Bare-Rife device used with the cat's sessions.

Alternative Health Related Information:

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